Voided Check: How To A Void Check, Meaning In Full Details

Voided Check: How To A Void Check, Meaning

Voided Check: How To A Void Check, Meaning In Full Details

Last Update: 15/10/2020

What is a Voided Check?

This is a check-in which the word “Voided” exists throughout the part and this word indicates that it should not be used for payment.

This check is mainly used for electronic payments. This Voided Check is used to store a database of information needed to transfer money online.

The word Voided is clearly written in large letters on the front of this check, so that it is never used accidentally.

The word “Void” is written in bold letters on the check. So that no one can use it as a blank check.

In other words, if a thief steals a check, he will never be able to check it out.

Because he can enter a lot here, but can’t sign to get confirmation or there is no system to sign.

How does a Voided Check work?

This type of check is usually used to exchange and supply bank information.

It helps everyone to created an online relation through your bank account.

They apply for a voided check because it contains a detailed description of some of the information printed on your bank account. Such as:

  • Where is the bank you work for,
  • Which credit union do you use,
  • Your personal bank account number,
  • The sort of codes that used label your branch.

This is called the routing number, below the bank check, some necessary number provides everything needed to withdraw and give funds.

Here are some situations you might need to void a check:

Mistake: If you ever make a mistake while filling out a check. Such as: wrong provider, or quantity.

Then discard or destroy it. You’re not going to use it for anything, so putting the wrongly filled partial check around you is dangerous and risky.

Direct Deposit: If an employer completes the payment electronically through you, they must provide and verify all the necessary information in your account to get your money to the right place.

Voided checks play an important role in verifying and monitoring the employer’s information.

Trying to set up a transaction: If you wish to avoid writing a check on the insurance,
mortgage and rent, you ought to plan for automated electronic payment by having a Voided check.

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Based on how you set up the items you need, the certain sum of money will also be withdrawn from your balance every month.

(If you sign a contract, for permission to sign) or you will have to pay a certain amount of cash.

Note: Also make a note in the check register for more protection. So that you know where your written check went!

Requirements for a Voided Check

After you first make a checkout from your checkbook, clearly write the word “Void” in capital letters.

When entering banking information under the check, fill in the information in large and bold letters, large enough and long across the entire part of the check, without blurring the information.

Always try to use a ballpoint pen or fine marker pen when writing checks.

Try to keep the text bold and clear so that thieves can’t delete or cover your Void text.

So that thieves can’t delete Void text from your check.

You do not need to enter any other information or signature on your check.

If you do not have a check to void in your possession, you can try several alternative methods.

Go to the counter for a check and inquire at your bank. This will be acceptable as a printed check on a branch claim.

Most banks usually charge a small fee for issuing counter checks.

First of all, make sure that the preprint slip deposited for any of your savings accounts is acceptable.

Find out if any letter is acceptable to your bank.

If you have ever provided a Voided Check, your banking information recipient must have copied it to their system.

Ideally, the letter from the bank authorities would be deleted so that no one else could search for that information. Or you may not get that information.

Most companies don’t even need the original, they think a copy of the Voided check is good enough for them.

A voided check option

Checks may not be the only way to exchange money electronically.

In this case, perhaps a printed document company may ask for a Void Check. Because this method prevents the possibility of error, protects as much as possible from the possibility of fraud.

In addition, in many cases, customers provide their own routing numbers and account numbers online without any hassle.

Voided Check: How To A Void Check, Meaning In Full Details
Voided Check: How To A Void Check, Meaning In Full Details

So less frequently these voided check are required. For example, some online banks provide you with details, allowing you to link external accounts by typing them yourself.

In this case, when the customers input the information of their checking account, the officials of the bank accept the payment through this check.

There are even some companies that verbally exchange money over the phone with permission to provide information from buyers.

Key Takeaways

Voided checks are usually used to get the information needed to transfer money electronically.

There are many companies that allow you to provide details instead of submitting a voided check. This means that it allows the provision of all aspects of banking.

In case of automatic bill payment, when you prepare the investment from your employer, from your own bank account, you need to provide a voided check from the deposit.

That check is mandatory for all types of bank information to be present and anyone can ask you for a Void check, but in that case you have to set up an electronic link in your bank account. So that anyone can use these details.

You must have knowledge about how to Void Check, which you may never have done before.

Fortunately, a check voided is easy.

How to Void a Check?

To void a check, you must first write the word “Void” in capital letters across the front of the check.

This word should be written in such a way that it is sufficient to cover the entire check. Make the text long and wide enough to cover the entire check.

But remember to never cover the number at the bottom of your check. These numbers are essential for establishing a recipient’s link to your bank account.

Try to use a pen or fine marker so that no one can delete the word Void.

Note: Writing the word Void across the front of the check prevents anyone from making a standard check payment.

If a thief receives a check with the word Void written on it, he will never be able to execute it unless he deletes the word.

For this, the word Void should be written in such a way that the word cannot be deleted by any person.

And if you can’t delete the word, even if the thief gets your check in his hand, he will never be able to withdraw money from your bank account.

Because the word Void is written, allready that check has been considered canceled.

Keep records

You should always try to create a note for check-in registration. So that you can easily know where that particular check has reached.

There will be a gap in your check number if you do not do this and it will surprise you.

Have you ever felt like you wrote a huge check and forgot about it? Or was the check stolen? Do you know when it will hit your account?

For this you must write Void along with a note and in it write your check register, check number, date and details about why you voided the check.

So that you can recall from this notebook if you need any information at any time.

Send check or image

Now ready to send your check. If you want to use electronic means to deliver void check, refrain from sending standard emails without opening it.

Take all possible steps to protect your information from thieves and hackers. For example, be as careful as possible when uploading all your information to a file vault and encrypting the image.

If you do not have a check

If your question is I don’t have any check then how do I Void Check? In this case, you must be patient.

You will have to wait for checks. Or you may need to link up your bank account as an alternative.

Online options

Consider whether you can set up the link for the online account yourself.

If you traditionally want to void a check instead of filling out a simple form, try logging in to your account first.

Before that, be sure to check with the bank official if there is any such online system.

In most cases you need to know your online account information in order to provide your bank account information.

Deposit slips

If you want to set deposit or withdrawal instructions instead of void check, you may be able to use the deposit slip.

In this case you will need a deposit slip, which must be pre-printed.

In this case, do not leave any information blank, fill everything by hand. You may also have some pre-printed slips for your Checkbook 2.

Starter check

Another way to solve the problem is to visit the branch. Or ask for a counter check for confirmation.

In this case teller will be able to print a check with your account information. If this happens, try to void the check earnestly, as if it came out of your check book.

Check the printer

If you want to run into creative solutions, use a check printer to create an image of a void check.

This method will not work if you go to check mail. However, this method can help you get a check image electronically combined with your account information.

You can start the process to order the check. If it is time to preview your order, you will be sent a customized check image by the bank officer, which you can cancel at any time.

Other papers

If any of the above solutions do not work for you, you can collect official documentation from your credit union or bank instead of void the check.

Ask for a printed letter at Bank Letterhead. These store all the information of your bank. For example: lists account number, routing number, account type etc.

There are also some banks that provide letters for direct deposit. When you try to log in to the online banking system, print it out and it must contain all the information you need.

Keep a copy

Consider scanning or photocopying your check after it has been void. This is because you may need to provide void check numerous times in the future.

Especially when no major checks are required. If you wish to fax the instructions somewhere or submit an image of a check method, you will need to use this scan or photocopy.

To make sure that photocopies of your checks are saved, create a folder on your computer and save the information by encrypting the password in it.

How to Void a Check to Set Up Direct Deposits?

Deposit pay checks directly into your bank account to save yourself from trouble and prevent time wastage.

If you have never set up a direct deposit, it can be a threat to you. Most employers will ask you for a Void Check, in addition to filling out a form to set up the deposit directly.

They will ask you about this because your employer has all the necessary information in check to ensure that your employer has been linked to your account.

If you do not have any type of check, you can order the check online.

Ways to setup deposits without a void check

Even if you do not have this type of paper check, you can easily enjoy the benefits of the deposit.

In this case you need to talk to the officials at your bank, so that they can print you and give you an extended check.

You may need to pay a bank official to receive this service. Make sure your bank officials have any guidelines for setting up a direct deposit.

If your employer instructs you to use a form instead of a check, use some information from your bank to properly fill out the form.

You will need:

  • Your routing number
  • Your bank account number,
  • The name of the bank and the state of the city bank

Usually the routing number is specific to any bank. A routing number of two banks can never be.

Voided Check: How To A Void Check
Voided Check: How To A Void Check, Meaning

Also provide your bank account number for your account with the address of the specific bank city and the state in which you are located.

You can find all kinds of information in your bank statement, checks.

Depending on you or if you ask your bank officials for all this information, they will be able to help you with the appropriate information.

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