Shala Darpan: Review, Truth And Simple Guidelines For You

Shala Darpan: Review, Truth And Simple Guidelines For You

Shala Darpan was established on 5 June 2015 under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resource to provide a variety of education services to teachers and students with transparency.

Shala Darpan: Review, Truth And Simple Guidelines For You

Shala Darpan is an organization which is an initiative of the Rajasthan Council by the Government of India.

It is managed by the School Education Department of Rajasthan Council. The main idea behind this organization is to bring together a large number of schools and education offices across the state by keeping up-to-date information online.

Shala Darpan stores data through live online portals. The portal’s data is compiled with primary and secondary students.

These schools keep track of academic and non-academic staff. Today we are going to know the details about Shala Darpan. So follow the information seriously.

What is Shala Darpan?

Shala Darpan is an initiative taken by the Rajasthan School Education Department and the Councilor of the School Education Year.

It is an online portal school, keeping all academic activities and accessible information in one place, including primary and secondary education.

Student, academic and non-academic information is protected.

What is the main purpose of Shala Darpan?

The purpose of this online portal is to provide online all personal and business information and educational services related to official school-teachers and staff for your child’s education.

Shala Darpan
Shala Darpan: Review, Truth And Simple Guidelines For You

Shala Darpan brings all the information live – primary and secondary, education policy and academics.

And information from anywhere in Rajasthan can be monitored by government departments.

Any teacher, student or school staff in India can get detailed information from this website.

This online news portal can integrate technology and education. Since the establishment of Shala Darpan, citizens of Rajasthan have not had the opportunity to randomly set the age for admission of their children to school.

As a result of Shala Darpan’s benefit, citizens do not have to ask for their children’s education.

Who took this initiative to create Shala Darpan?

Government For Teachers Of Rajasthan

Shala Darpan is a joint venture between Rajasthan Education Department and Rajasthan Council. It is an educational portal that integrates all types of live data, personal information, portfolio and office information including school primary-secondary, academic staff.

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The owner of the organization has the ability to retain access to them at any time. The initiative has been taken by the Government of Rajasthan and the School Education Department of Rajasthan to maintain educational and curricular activities and to preserve the information.

The National Informatics Center of Rajasthan has been developed with Shala Darpan. The information of the online portal is maintained to make the education department transparent, healthy and competent.

The information here plays a key role for Shala Darpan and maintains discipline of activity.

Shala Darpan: Review, Truth
Shala Darpan: Review, Truth And Simple Guidelines For You

What does Shala Darpan need?

As the days go by, more and more people are attracted to the internet. In this age of industrialization, information and communication technology, internet is being used in almost all sectors.

The Rajasthan Education Council has taken this initiative to preserve accessible updates of administration in the world and to maintain online record discipline.

This organization has all kinds of information related to primary and secondary for the students.

In addition, information on academic and non-academic staff is effectively maintained for added convenience and all people are given the ability to access them online.

What are the benefits of Shala Darpan?

Shala Darpan is an online platform service of the centre for Human Resources Development, Government of India.

Government-aided schools help parents of students access mobile and provide online access. The Shala Darpan Internship offers a variety of facilities for students, faculty and staff.

Such as:

  • The school has the highest level of education,
  • All types of information related to education and government schools in Shala Darpan are provided with transparency,
  • Citizens of Rajasthan also get some additional benefits from Shala Darpan,
  • Can see the list of government schools,
  • Can view student reports,
  • Monitoring government schemes,
  • Take advantage of online from anywhere anytime

How to access Shala Darpan?

In the age of internet, we visit various websites for our daily work or convenience. Shala Darpan’s website is similar.

You must have a personal laptop, computer or mobile phone to access the website. It must have an internet connection.

To access the Shala Darpan website, you need to go to Google and search their URL.

Shala Darpan URL:

In Shala Darpan you can access this website from any browser or software you want.

You can use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome or Opera browser for protection and fast internet browsing experience.

By having internet connection presence from any country you can access Shala Darpan website and see their activity.

You will find the necessary information on the Shala Darpan website

  • Gyan Sankalp
  • Samagra Siksha
  • E content resources
  • Private school portal

You will also find some more sections on the Shala Darpan website. Such as:

  • Citizen windows
  • Career guidelines built on Rajiv Gandhi
  • Staff windows

The Shala Darpan website also has some statistics related to school students, transactions, loans and details for the convenience of the visitors.

The Shala Darpan website has a separate web page to display information on news releases and notifications.

How to Apply New Admission Entry in Shala Darpan?

First you need to login to it with email and password.

How to create a Shala Darpan account and login is discussed in detail, you can see below.

A new interface will appear when you login to the Shala Darpan website with an email and password.

Above all you will see the option called Student in the menu bar, clicking there will show you many lists.

At the bottom of the list you will find a clickable sentence called New Admission Entry. Clicking on it will ask you to fill out some forms for new admission.

Which class do you want to be admitted to, which educational institution do you want to be admitted to? Fill in the form and click on the Go button.

A new forum will appear in front of you to fill out. In this form you have to describe the name of your old school, what class you have studied in that school, what you did or failed in the last class.

You need to follow some rules to be successful in admission.

You must provide a mobile number to confirm admission with save the entry.

Those who wish to be admitted between class two to class eight must take TC from the previous school.

Otherwise, government permission has to be taken and the declaration has to be obtained.

Once the declaration is collected, it must be printed from the computer shop or from your own printer.

Once all of this is completed you will need to fill in some personal information.

What to do to get admission in Shala Darpan

  • You have to give your own name
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Category
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Mobile number
  • You have to select the section in which you will be admitted in the academic year
  • Select the third language
  • Vocational trade selection
  • Stream number
  • Select four optional subjects
  • Must provide school distance from home
  • CWSN Type – If there is a physical problem, it needs to be explained
  • Provide SRNO number
  • Date of admission

After providing all the information in the list above, you need to click on the Save Changes option.

After clicking you will need to double-check that you have entered all the information correctly.

When all the information is accurate, tap the Confirm button. You’re done. All your information has gone to their office.

Then you’ll have to verify once more for extra protection. And after that press the confirmation button, and you’ll be ready to access for Shala Darpan admission correctly.

How to log in and register on Shala Darpan website?

To register at site, you need to visit the official website.

After scrolling down a bit you will get an option called Staff Window, clicking on it will open a new staff window interface.

[su_note note_color=”#3c9292″ text_color=”#000000″]Staff have the opportunity to register here.[/su_note]

First of all, you need to know the school NIC ID. Click on the School NIC ID button.

You have to select the district and give the address of the block in which you live. Clicking the Go button will show a list of all the schools in your district.

There the name of the school, the village, up to which class is taught, the school NIC ID number – everything will be provided.

Click on the Know Staff Details button to enter the NIC of the school you have collected. You can see the names of all the teachers working in that school and all the other information in the form of a list.

The NIC ID that you will get in the list should be kept very carefully. Then you need to go back to the main menu of Shala Darpan’s Staff Window.

Click on the “Register for Staff Login” button. A chart called Staff Corner will be shown on your screen.

There is nothing you can do here. You will see a red “Staff Login” button at the top of the webpage, click there.

Shala Darpan: Review, Truth And Simple Guidelines For You
Shala Darpan: Review, Truth And Simple Guidelines For You

You will be asked to provide a username and password. But you don’t give these. Because the registration has not been completed yet.

Scroll down a bit and you will get an option called “One Time Registration for Staff Login”. Click on it. You have to fill the form to register.

The information to be given in the form is as follows

  • Staff Employeeld
  • Staff Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Mobile Number

After giving all the information, click on the submit button. After submitting your name, NIC number, surname – everything will show in the form of a list.

There will be a confirm button at the bottom, press there to confirm. Now you need to enter the email in the box. After a while, an OTP number will be sent to that email, paste that number on the website.

SD information will go to the mobile number that you gave while giving the above information.

This means that the username and password for logging in to Shala Darpan will be given on your mobile. Then using the username and password you can login to Shala Darpan and manage all the work.

How to get school list through Shala Darpan?

If you want, you can search the district school list using Shala Darpan’s portal.

Below are the steps you need to follow to search for a district school.

Step 1: Visit Shala Darpan’s official website with your computer, laptop or mobile

Step 2: A new webpage will appear. You will see the menu list from the top left, you have to go there

Step 3: You will see an option in the menu bar called “School of Rajasthan”. Click on it

Step 4: Click on the type of school you want to specify. Choose the type of school that is right for your child. You can choose professional schools, choose ICT schools, even standard or model schools

Step 5: If any school in the district list does not show up on your computer or mobile screen, follow the alternative route

Step 6: You will get an option called run down. Go to that option and type your local name. Then press the Go button

Step 7: A blocklist will appear on the screen of your device. Make sure you are in a square. Then choose which square you want to see

Step 8: As you choose, you will see a list of schools reappear on your display.


The Shala Darpan website has been established with general teachers and students in mind.

There are many educational institutions associated with this organization. This is one of the best initiatives of Rajasthan Council Education Department.

Very good for NIC. The Shala Darpan website is playing an important role in the development and maintenance of education in Rajasthan which will bring benefits in the present and in the days to come.

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