How To Save Tree For Better World: Here Are Perfect Ways To Save Tree

How To Save Tree For Better World | Increase Save Tree Slogans

How To Save Tree For Better World: Here Are Perfect Ways To Save Tree

Updated: 30/8/20

Trees are the most important part of our survival and an important part of the world. The only oxygen we get to breathe is through plants.

Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife. Herbivores make a living by eating the leaves of trees and vines.

There are many more ways that trees help us. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why you should save trees.

Trees make important connections between earth life and nature. If there were no trees on earth, all the animal world and human beings would be in danger.

People are regularly destroying the valuable resources of nature due to greed for their own interests. The importance of saving trees for our future survival on the planet is immense.

If we don’t save tree, we won’t be able to survive on earth. We should take some immediate steps to save the tree. Only by saving trees can we save our environment.

Let’s find out how you can take care of a tree and keep it alive.

By taking the oxygen that plants make, all the animals on earth survive. During the hot summer months, we usually go for a walk in the mountains.

Because there are a lot of trees, those areas are cold. For this reason most people choose hilly areas for travel.

If people continue to cut down trees at the same rate indiscriminately, we will have no place to plan our trip.

Also seasonal rainfall and insufficient amount of oxygen are not available.

Trees keep the environment clean. Helps to clean air, soil and water. Makes our world a beautiful place to live.

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Having plants around the habitat makes our life healthier. Now is our time to protect trees and forests and raise awareness to save trees.

If you want to save tree, start from your home. Plant saplings in the open space of the house. Encourage others to do the same.

If there are tree saplings in the area, protect them. Thus plant more trees and save trees.

In this article I am going to share with you some ways to save trees. You follow the advice. To make your environment more livable, inspire your friends and family to save trees together.

If you live in the city, you can join an organization that works to preserve trees.

How to save tree?

As the condition of the world is getting worse, people are becoming aware of planting trees. They realize that the importance of trees is immense if they are to survive on earth.

People have started trying their best to save the trees. In every country, the government has banned illegal logging by the forest department.

People are going digital to reduce the use of paper. Electronic books are being used instead of printed books.

If there is a need to cut down trees, the forest is being urged to reorganize.

The school also teaches young children to plant trees and gives them an idea of ​​the importance of trees.

Those who live in the city can plant trees on the roof of the house or if there is any empty space in the house to save the trees or motivate their neighbors to plant trees on the roof of the house.

Also, if we see someone cutting down trees in an unjust manner, the local authorities should be informed against him.

Strict laws should be enacted by the government especially for those who are destroying plants without any reason for their own benefit, destroying the environment.

There are many different species of plants in the world. They enable animals to survive on Earth by providing oxygen to them through sunlight, chlorophyll and other elements.

How To Save Tree For Better World,
How To Save Tree For Better World | Increase Save Tree Slogans

If we cut down trees regularly, we will not be able to survive in this world.

So we should be more aware and careful to save the trees. To cut down trees means to destroy the earth.

If we are not aware now, we will have to pay compensation for cutting down trees in the future.

Many will suffer terrible losses. The time has come for us all to take action together to save the trees and plant trees to make the world beautiful again.

[su_box title=”How To Save Tree For Better World ” style=”soft” box_color=”#c44208″ radius=”2″]Let’s find ways to save this green gold and apply it in practice.[/su_box]

Preserve the trees around you

Laws are currently being enacted in every city to preserve tree species. How to preserve trees has been discussed.

In some areas, laws are being enacted to protect trees that are fragile, rare, or extremely useful.

If there are such beneficial trees in your area, help the local authorities or protect those trees on your own initiative.

Pay bills using digital methods

The paper we use to exchange money is also made of wood. These papers are made by cutting trees and making tree leaves.

So we should now reduce the use of paper and use digital methods to exchange money.

Many countries are now using digital methods of exchanging money for tree conservation.

Try your best to save tree

If you have no interest in planting trees, talk more about saving trees.

Be careful at tree preservation if you can’t plant trees. But get together and consult on how you can save the tree.

If there are small trees in the area, take care of them so that the trees are not damaged by any cattle or small children.

Try to take legal action against those who cut down trees unjustly. If anyone is reluctant to listen to you, write a letter to the city forester or city council member.

Apply to them to save the trees. If someone wants to take a stand against you on the ground of tree protection, contact a local TV station and involve the media in favor of planting trees.

Use bamboo paper instead of paper

Bamboo is much more durable than trees and matures in five years. Also bamboo grows much faster than trees, so use bamboo paper if you need paper for private work.

Apply to the local authority for supply of bamboo paper. This will reduce the rate of tree felling and keep the environment clean.

Use of digital books instead of print books

We all know that books used for reading or other purposes are made of paper.

In other words, these books are made by cutting down trees. The pages of the book are made.

So to save tree, we need to reduce the use of printed books and become addicted to digital books.

There are also many more opportunities to use digital books. Lots of books can be carried together. There are many more that can be taken out when desired.

I will discuss them in a later post inshallah. For now, you must stop using printed books to save trees.

Read the magazine online

Many people read magazines for entertainment. It is also made from paper. So try reading online magazines.

Now is the age of internet. You can read online magazines if you wish. There are many companies that offer subscriptions to read online magazines.

Also, if you read a magazine online, you do not have to wait until the new magazine arrives. You will receive the content as soon as it is published.

Take part in tree planting

Just as it is important to protect those trees that are immature, it is also important to plant new ones with the future in mind.

Which contribute to the formation of the tent, keep the temperature cool and help keep the air clean.

Find out if there are any organizations in your area to participate in the tree planting. If there is no such organization, then form your own tree planting organization with some friends.

Plant trees together

All types of trees are important for the environment. You can plant all kinds of trees, from fruit trees to flowering trees.

You can plant all the trees, any type of size, by forming tree planting organizations, or with friends in the open field and around the railway line.

If necessary, consult with botanists. Good results can be obtained by planting any species of tree.

In addition, if you want to plant the seedlings of the original tree, it is necessary to select the environment in which you can survive.

The species of trees you plant are enough to clean the soil, water, air and environment.

However, the contribution of small ornamental plants is not so much for the environment. So try to plant such trees a little less.

There are some tree saplings that are expensive. So go to the nursery and pick some saplings that are readily available and anyone can afford to buy them.

Consult the nursery owner if necessary, so that discounts are given on tree seedlings. This will make people more interested in planting saplings.

Try reusing gift bags or plastic bags

If you find it difficult to leave gift bags or plastic bags, try using recyclable bags.

Researchers have also warned against using cardboard boxes, toilet paper, paper towels and shoe boxes, and to use them in limited quantities.

You can build castles or children’s superhero headquarters with the above things if you want.

You can play with children by making binoculars or bird wings with tissue paper. You can also make a scope or periscope with a paper towel.

The above things take billions of years to mix with the soil, so it is better to use them in the daily work of life without throwing them in the dustbin.

Use a cloth towel

This simple change instead of using paper towels can reduce a lot of unnecessary lightning.

Use cloth napkins

Cloth napkins are more elegant than paper napkins. Try using a handkerchief instead of a paper napkin.

It may take some time to get used to. However, using a handkerchief rather than a tissue helps to make your skin softer.

Use reusable containers instead of paper lunch bags

If you need to buy a paper product, buy a reusable version.

Which are not made from virgin decorations. Also, choose a paperless alternative for billing.

These simple changes will chain your life and awaken your conscience to take care of the tree.

If you still use paper to pay bills, change this habit now and use digital things.

There are many companies in the market now that are offering online billing. If you want, you can use those applications to pay bills online and save trees.

Arranging guards for trees

When the plants are small, there is a possibility of damage in various ways. These small trees are more likely to be damaged during work or by young children.

Again many times cattle try to graze on them. So a guard should be arranged to protect the tree till the tree matures.

This will protect the seedlings of small trees from children and cattle. This will protect the tree trunks. In addition, if the tree is small, it can be fenced around so that the cattle will not be able to try to graze on the tree.

Use of organic fertilizers

Artificial chemical fertilizers should never be used on any plant. According to experts, natural fertilizers extend the life span of plants.

In addition, plants that use organic fertilizers are less likely to be infected with diseases and insects.

Also the use of such fertilizers makes the growing plants stronger and more durable.

Plant fruits and other valuable trees

Usually the trees that grow on the farm are cut down by the farmers after a while.

Because these trees occupy a large part of the field. For this, always try to plant fruits and seedlings of necessary plants on the farm.

[su_highlight background=”#9d99ff”]So that these trees can be used in danger.[/su_highlight]

Besides, if there is fruit work on the farm, the people of the farmer’s family will also be able to meet their food needs at least to some extent.

Prevent excessive deforestation

It takes a community effort to do this. In many countries of the world, deforestation is taking place in the name of development and industrialization.

As a result, the environment is being disrupted in a very bad way. People are ruthlessly cutting down trees to build industrial factories.

Only through well-organized efforts can such deforestation be prevented.

Save the remaining forest

In many parts of the world, including Russia and Brazil, forests are being destroyed by natural disasters or by humans.

Every day volcanoes burn many parts of the forest, damaging animals and plants. The study found that 78 million acres of forest are being damaged every year.

The number is really huge, isn’t it? Scientists believe that if deforestation continues at this rate, 80 to 90 percent of forests will be lost by 2020.

And already it has been implemented. We are living in 2020, the forests on the map of the world can no longer be found except the Amazon Forest.

The fear is that people will one day build an industrial factory in the Amazon Forest. Forests play an important role in keeping our world healthy. So it is very important to protect us from their destruction.

Worldwide efforts must be made to save the forest. People need to understand how important trees are to our world.

Increase Save Tree Slogans
How To Save Tree For Better World | Increase Save Tree Slogans

Many people do not realize that the growth of forests is essential for the health of the world, including the human population.

The more people understand the benefits of forests, the more people will start taking care of plants and forests.

So we all have to try to make people aware even through social media.

If you have skills in animation, make animated cartoons about the forest kingdom of the world. These cartoons will inspire kids to plant trees.

Create a forest side event on Facebook. Try to bring all the people of the world together. Because if this world wants to keep our world healthy, we all have to give importance to protecting the forests.

Donate to the Tree Save Organization

There are many organizations for forest and tree conservation around the world. Their main job is to prevent arbitrary felling of trees.

They also inspire people to plant trees. If you want to save trees, you must join their organization or help them financially.

By doing this they will be able to conduct their work strictly and inshallah, by warning all people about the tree, will be able to heal the earth by the will of Allah.

In addition to working to stop deforestation, the organization works to educate people so that they can learn about plants and forests.

Some more points to save tree

If you want to save the tree, you can use some methods. Above I have talked about adopting many methods.

Reduce the use of paper

Try using digital methods for exchanging money and other activities including reading books.

Be careful when buying wood products. If you want to buy wood products, look for an FSC certificate. It is a type of council that sets standards for environmentally friendly and socially responsible and economically viable products.

Use bamboo paper instead of paper made with tree leaves

Try to have double-sided printing in your home or office. Use an electronic reader or tablet to read books or magazines.

Try reading magazines online. We read paper magazines most of the time. But in the age of internet, it is now possible to subscribe to read online magazines.

Make the plastic bags you receive as gifts reusable without throwing them in the dustbin. This will reveal your creativity.

Use bamboo items instead of paper for parties or entertainment. Try to use cloth towels instead of paper towels.

Buy used wooden furniture instead of new wood. This will save you money as well as save trees.

[su_heading]The benefits of planting trees in your yard[/su_heading]

Trees increase property value

All people want to have the highest possible value of their home. Research has shown that planting good and colorful plants in your yard can increase the value of your property by 20 percent.

Plants clean the air

Studies have shown that a tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and if it is 40 years old, it can absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide.

So if your house is surrounded by plants, it will enhance the beauty as well as protect it from heat.

It also protects the plant from pollutant gases like nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur-di-oxide etc.

Trees prevent soil erosion

Trees bind the soil to their root system and the leaves provide a barrier for wind and rain. This prevents soil erosion.

Trees protects from noise pollution

A tree can protect you from noise pollution if a neighbor plays music loudly or when you work on the street.

Also, planting trees strategically around your home can reduce noise. If your home location is close to the airport then this is the best for you.

Trees keep our house streets and cities cool

As mentioned earlier, an adult tree can absorb up to 1 ton of carbon dioxide. Our environment is usually heated due to excessive carbon dioxide.

The environment stays cool if there are more trees. Then the amount of carbon-di-oxide will be less.

The trees are beautiful to look at

Trees are a part of natural beauty. From the beginning of spring to the colorful leaves of autumn, the trees look very beautiful. The tree helps to create wonderful decorations inside and outside the house.

I have written an article to warn you. We all know how important trees are to us. But still neglect. This negligence could lead to many great dangers for us in the future.

There are fewer than enough trees for the world at present, so there are many disasters. Regular cyclones, tidal surges, tornadoes, earthquakes and more disasters can be seen as soon as the news channel is opened.

Everything is happening, just to destroy the forest and vegetation. So we live in this world, it is our responsibility to keep this world beautiful.

So let’s all work together to save the trees and inspire everyone to save the trees too.

Together we create the slogan: “When you cut down one tree, plant two more.”

Please share this article to increase awareness about tree plantation.

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