Fix SSL Connection Error Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: Read These Pro Tips

ssl connection error

Go to the Chrome browser > Open a new tab and tap on three dots > Go to history > Clear all the data and cache > Go to the advanced setting, click on privacy > Remove SAFE BROWSING > Scroll down, turn off data save > Go privacy, turn on save browsing again > Refresh browser.

Fix SSL Connection Error Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: Read These Pro Tips

Last Updated: 30/8/2020

SSL certificate is very important to increase the security of the website. Just as it secures your website, this domain is recognized as trusted by Google.

Generally, users prefer to visit SSL certified websites. Because these sites are secure and protect the privacy of the visitors who come to this.

On the other hand, those who do not have a certificate on their website, because the website does not have security, the visitor does not feel comfortable to visit that website.

What is SSL Certificate?

It is the job of the SSL certificate to create encrypted connections and trust users. Faith is one of the most important elements for online business.

In a trusted environment, potential customers are more confident to shop or visit websites.

Because those websites are SSL certificates that are attached. These certificates establish a secure connection between visitors. And through it builds a foundation of trust‌.

The browsers give special hints to secure the viewer’s connection, which we all call the EV indicator – everything from the brand’s URL bar to the green padlock.

SSC certificate has some key pairs. Two of these keys are:

  • Public
  • Private

These keys usually work together to establish an encrypted connection. These include a certificate called the subject that carries the identity of the owner of the website.

If you want to get an SSL certificate for your website, you must create a CSR or certificate signing request on your server.

ssl connection error
SSL Connection Error | Setup Free SSL Certificate

The job of this CSR is to create a private key and a public key on your server.

The CSR is sent to the issuer of the SSL certificate, called the Certificate Authority or CA.

It has a public key to merge CSR files. It combines with your private key to create two types of active structures. Which can be used without compromising itself.

CA can never see the private key. The public key combines only with CSR data to create a new structure.

SSL certificates are bound together

  • Server name or hostname
  • The name of a domain
  • An organizational identity where the company name and location are located

Browsers need to install an SSL Certificate on their web server before starting a secure session in any organization. Sometimes occurs SSL connection error, but it’s temporary.

Once a secure connection is established, web browsers and web servers can securely transfer data to all traffic.

Once the certificate is successfully installed on someone’s host server or website, the application’s protocol changes. Usually this change is just one word.

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For example, a website has http before adding an SSL certificate and https after adding an SSL certificate. S stands for secure.

Install it on your server after receiving the SSL certificate from any proprietary company. Try installing an intermediate certificate that binds to your CA’s original certificate, establishing the credibility of the purchased SSL certificate.

The activation process for installing SSL certificates may vary from server to server. It usually varies depending on your server.

These attach the original certificate of Digitard, your server certificate, in the case of CA through the intermediate certificate.

How does an SSL certificate create a secure connection?

When any browser tries to access a website that is protected by an SSL certificate, a process called SSL handshake is used between the browser and the webserver. Which connects to the SSL.

Note: SSL handshakes are not visible to users or visitors. The matter remains invisible and an instant happens.

Three keys are used to establish an SSL connection.

  • Public
  • Personal and
  • Session key

Anything encrypted can only be decrypted with a private key. However, this system is not available in public key or vice versa.

Encrypting or decrypting something with public and private keys requires a lot more processing power.

During a single SSL handshake, they are able to generate a symmetric session key, which is used to track the security of the website and to transfer data.

When a secure attachment is created, the session key is used to encrypt all data.

  • Browsers protected by SSL certificates make connections to the web server and the server identifies itself through the browser.
  • SSL certificates are often sent to public key servers for copying.
  • The browser checks to see how secure the root of the certificate is compared to the list provided by CA. If the certificate is obsolete or obsolete, it verifies whether the common name of the connections that are being made to it in various ways is valid.
  • Once all verification is complete, the browser trusts the certificate and uses a public key, which creates symmetrical sessions and helps encrypt and transmit data
  • Servers use symmetric session keys to decrypt data using their private keys. And returns an acknowledgment to start encrypting the session.
  • The server and browser encrypt all data with a single session key in the last step

How to setup a free SSL certificate?

We will add an SSL certificate to the website through 5 steps. In the meantime, we all know how SSL certificates work and what SSL certificates are.

So let’s find out how we can add SSL certificate for website.

Step 1: Create an account on Cloudflare

Cloudflare offers free SSL certificates for our websites. After coming to the website you need to click on the signup button. Then create an account with email and password.

Step 2: Enter the website address in Cloudflare

Many companies do not offer free SSL certificates when purchasing website domains and hosting.

As a result, one has to face various difficulties. Free SSL certificates can be obtained from Cloudflare. To do this, go to the Cloudflare website and enter your website address, the website to which you want to add the SSL certificate.

After adding the address, you need to go through some steps. After going through a few steps an option called DNS Record for “Your Website” will come up, scrolling down a bit you will get the option called Continue. Click on it.

Our second step has been successfully completed. Our website has been added to Cloudflare.

Step 3: Add the name server provided in Cloudflare to the name server of our website

C-panels are usually provided by all providers. Of all the web hosting providers, the system of going to the name server is not the same, it is different for each one.

For this you can find out specifically if you want or you can ask for help from those from whom you bought domain hosting.

Since I bought domain hosting from Go Daddy, I will log in to Go Daddy and add my name server to Cloulflare’s name server.

In this case, go to the website of those from whom you have taken the service and login and add the name server, to get the SSL certificate on your website for free.

Click the save button. You then go to your Cloudflare account, which was opened in another tab.

Clicking the Continue button will bring up a new interface. When the interface comes up, go to the bottom, then you will see an option called Re-Check. Click on it.

Basically, you need to check if the name server provided by Cloudflare is properly connected to your website.

Clicking on the Re-Check button will bring up a notification that the name of Cloudflare on your website has been correctly added to the server.

However, free SSL can take approximately 24 to 48 hours to become active on your website. So there is no reason to panic.

SSL certificates are often added to Cloudflare within 30 minutes. However, if for some reason the certificate is not added to your website, you can use Step 4 as an alternative.

Step 4: Cloudflare’s Official Free SSL Certificate Plugin

For this you go to the WordPress dashboard. Click on Add New Plugin. Then go to the search bar and search by typing Cloudflare Flexible SSL and the plugin will come in front of you. Install it.

Step 5: Move to Cloudflare for the last time

After installing the plugin, you will see an option called Crypto, click on it. Scroll down. Then you will get an option called Always Use HTTPS, turn it on.

Now your work is over. Go to the front page of your website and refresh the page and see that your website has added a free SSL certificate.

SSL Connection Error

We will learn to fix ssl connection error in google chrome on Android phone. So let’s begin to solve.

Just go and open your Google Chrome browser. Once the Google Chrome browser is open just go and close the tab that was giving the ssl connection error and open a new fresh tab.

Once the new tab is open let’s go and tap on this three dots and scroll down below and tap on history. Once you are in history, just go and tap on clear browsing data and clear all that data.

Go back again, tap on this three dots and scroll down below. And tap on settings. Once you are setting just go down below and under the advanced option, tap on privacy.

Here go down and remove mark from SAVE BROWSING.

This is safe because we are doing for a while to solve ssl connection error, we will be back.

After that just go down below and tap on this data saver option. Turn it off and we are done.

Again go to the privacy option and reopen safe browsing option.

That’s all. Now go and surf the web site that was giving the error and see the ssl connection error problem is solved.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

Brief Answer: Yes. If you want any personal information, you need to add SSL certificate to your website.

Search engines usually crack down on insecure websites. Google, the most popular search engine, is the best at this.

No website is considered secure by visitors and Google without an SSL certificate. The encrypted parts will be displayed on the user’s display if the SSC certificate is attached to the website.

Many popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini and all other types of browsers have already started issuing warnings that websites will not be connected by SSL certificate, those websites are insecure. Additionally, Google recently announced the SSL certificate as a ranking factor.

According to them, websites that do not have SSL certificate or security measures will never be ranked in Google.

So if you don’t put SSL certificate on your website, it will affect your traffic and earnings very badly. Even your website will be hard to find.

Which SSL should we use?

You have a variety of options to show visitors that your site is completely safe and secure. This means you can add SSL certificates to your website through various means.

There are many good institutes to check for SSL certificate. Those that provide SSL certificates for your website in early versions.

In addition, the companies from which you buy domains and hosting often offer free SSL certificates.

Many times they do not give them for free. However, how to add SSC certificate for free is already mentioned above.

SSL is provided based on the type of your website. There are several factors that affect the suitability of your domain.

Can I use shared SSL?

Both shared and dedicated SSL certificates meet the initial goals of the website. Both networks send data in encrypted form. Which type of SSL you use is up to you.

It also indicates how much money you are willing to spend for your website. The difference between shared SSL and original SSL is how the URL will be presented to your visitors.

So if you want to start a business, it would be wise to use a dedicated SSL certificate.

However, if you want to take it for free, it will not be a cause of loss. However, since you will start the business professionally, it is better to do everything professionally. It is better not to go for free.

Setup Free SSL Certificate
Setup Free SSL Certificate

Also, if you take a shared SSL certificate, the URL of your website will be much longer.

This is because a shared SSL certificate will always show the subdomains of those from whom you take them to your URL, which is not good for search engine optimization.

Many people are attracted to shared SSC certificates because they are available at very low prices or for free.

However, in the tricks I have shown you above, you can take a Secure SSC certificate. It is not a shared certificate.

In addition, buying expensive certificates protects data on your server, boosts Google rankings, boosts customer confidence, and improves conversion rates.

I don’t think it’s possible to go into more detail about a free SSL certificate. At least not by me. So I hope I have been able to meet your needs through this article.

If you like the article and can add a free SSL certificate for your website, be sure to let us know in the comments, thank you.

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