Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family You Need To Know

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family You Need To Know

A joint family is a family in which all members of the descent group live in the same house and under one with their spouses and descendants. The joint family can be matriarchal or patriarchal. Families in South Asian countries are mostly matriarchal. Women predominate in these families.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family You Need To Know

Last Update: 25/9/2020

In a matriarchal family, women give all orders. Basically there are many differences between a joint family and a nuclear family.

The joint family continues to grow, with the son of the family bringing his wife with them, without being separated from his parents after marriage.

So a joint family can have an older husband and wife, as well as their son and unmarried daughter and his son’s wife and children – much more.

Joint and extended are two different types of families. However, other members live in separate compounds in a joint family.

Joint family members share food, business, and childcare among themselves.

In addition, children from both joint and extended families address older women as mothers.

From time immemorial there was a joint family system. The popularity of joint families has increased even more since the kings ruled in this region. Living in a joint family means that all uncles, aunts, cousins ​​all live together.

There are some beautiful mediums in the joint family that help you survive in the world. Such as: giving up something you need for the happiness of your loved one, fighting against small things, etc.

In general, South Asian countries have the most joint families. In countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, people prefer to live in a joint family, rather than in an extended family.

Although the joint family has now begun to break up. Most people are now more inclined towards extended families. So let’s find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a joint family.

The family is a kind of “umbrella”. Umbrellas protect us all from such storms. The family also protects us from various dangers.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family You Need To Know
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family You Need To Know

When you are in danger, your family will be the first to come to your aid. This is the family.

You grow up together with other family members, play sports, fight, study together so, you form a loving bond with them.

If you need any help in life, your family member will be the first to extend a helping hand.

Joint family relationship

Different family members have different names. The nature of the relationship between them also changes. Relationships, equality, mutual respect increase.

But individualism threatens joint families. Modern children now living in joint families feel bound and captive to the surveillance of their parents.

Benefits of living in a joint family

Those who grow up in a joint family develop their own merits and decency. Although privacy in the joint family cannot be compromised.

But there is more to life than just privacy if you live in a joint family.

Some of the benefits of growing up in a joint family – these will motivate you to stay in a joint family.

The benefits of living in a joint family are as follows

You will find your cousin as your first favorite friend. You can share everything with him. Because only you and your family members will understand family problems better than others.

If you are in a joint family, sometimes everyone can get together, grandparents can tell you about various fairy tales, ghost stories, parents’ crazy childhood, etc. Knowing about their childhood will make you feel closer to them.

If you are fooled by your parents for any reason, you can be comforted by other family members.

Foods that are cooked in large quantities and with different types of mouth watering are cooked in joint families and even if different people in the family cook, the food tastes the same.

If you have a problem, you have the opportunity to tell your peers or adults. You will need something, but your parents refused. In that case you will get the support of other family members.

To your parents, asking permission to go somewhere, you are also afraid. For this you can take uncle and aunt with you.

When you set off fireworks with all the family members during the festival, the atmosphere will feel impossibly beautiful.

At that time, in the middle of the night, the preparation of discussions, gifts, food, excitement creates such a beautiful and captivating environment which cannot be explained.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family You Need To Know

Sometimes family members will prevent you from doing anything with high risk. If you really want to try something new, go against them and prove it. This will increase your confidence and self-esteem.

If you learn to get along with so many family members, it will help your life more.

Unnecessary fights and arguments with many young boys and girls or peers in the family will make you more patient.

You will always be close to your family tradition and culture.

You can easily trust all the people around you in a joint family, they will love you unconditionally.

Family members will support and inspire you in every aspect of life and will always be by your side when you need something.

There are also other benefits to living in a joint family

A child will never feel alone

If the joint family has a working mother, she will never have to worry about the child’s daily needs. In addition, if the mother is ill in a joint family, other members of the family can take care of her and her child. There is no need to worry about how to feed the child, how to take care of him, if he is in a joint family.

The feeling of being together

Your child will never be bothered and will never feel alone if you live in a joint family because you will have a cousin in that family to play with your child.

Your child will never be deprived of friends. Because he can play with his cousins. As your child gets older, his relationship with his cousins ​​will continue to grow. So they will be the first to extend a helping hand in lifelong danger.

Education outside the book

There are some lessons that children learn from family before they learn in academic school. Such as: humility, politeness, good behavior with teachers, eating manners, etc.

Only in a joint family can children learn these manners before going to school. Also if you are in an extended family, there are no members to teach in these weird ways.

Learn how to give up something and the peace of giving up

There are many differences between a child growing up in a nuclear family and a child growing up in a joint family. Children who grow up with a lot of people are more social.

They have a habit of sharing anything. Even her acquaintances have a habit of giving up when they need something. Children who grow up in joint families have a habit of sharing since childhood.

For example, if a family member brings chocolates for the children, then the children get an education on how to share that chocolate and a child growing up in a nuclear family never gets this education. Which means she can’t be social, doesn’t know how to share anything.

Full of love

Joint family members know how to share joy and achievement. If you are a member of a joint family, you must have this quality in you.

Even the good news of joy for one member of the joint family is, in fact, the whole family overflows with joy. Only a member of the joint family can realize the joy that comes from sharing happiness and achievement.

Became socially skilled

Children who grow up in joint families are accustomed to living with people of all ages. They know how to treat adults and how to treat children, how to respect the elderly.

Everything from the elements needed to live happily, to the etiquette needed, can be learned from a joint family. These are the benefits of growing up with a joint family and living with them.

However, if you live in an extended family, you will have trouble adjusting to more people. So choose the right one wisely. It’s not as bad as you think the joint family is.

Difficulties living in a joint family

As the days go by, the joint family is breaking up. As in the past, most people prefer to live in a joint family, but now it is not so. Now most people prefer to live in a nuclear family.

But why are people doing this? Why is there more interest in living in a nuclear family than in living in a joint family?

Lately, people are showing more interest in living in a nuclear family, mainly due to the slight inconvenience of living in a joint family.

The girls of the present age do not want to live with the mother-in-law. As a result, they put pressure on the husband to stay alone.

And for this reason, despite the husband’s unwillingness, the wife’s pressure is reducing the popularity of the joint family and increasing the number of nuclear families.

Is it really fair that people are interested in nuclear families? I will discuss this.

Disadvantages of living in a joint family

There is no privacy

As all the members of the joint family live together, it is not possible for the husband and wife to maintain any privacy.

Suppose you have a very private phone, you need a secluded environment. In that case you will not get it in the joint family.

Moreover, if you are upset, want to cry a lot, want to be alone in a room for some time, this benefit you will not get in a joint family. Because in a joint family you are not alone, everyone lives together, including the little ones.

In a joint family, one can easily interfere with the other because everyone in the family knows about each other’s personal affairs.

Financial responsibility

A joint family usually consists of one person, who bears all the financial expenses of the family. Usually the boys in the joint family do this.

However, in the case of a middle class joint family, if there is a business downturn or the business is damaged due to a disaster, the financial problem of the family arises because a large number of members of the joint family live together.

Men have to struggle to cope with the situation of prominent families. In addition, even if a member of the joint family is ill, such a situation may arise.

Only one kitchen in a large member family

The biggest problem in a joint family is the kitchen. Because of the large number of members, one person may want to eat one type of food. Again, some may like meat, some may like fish.

Again, one may not like either of these two. In this way, it is very complicated to cook in a joint family thinking about everyone’s choice.

Moreover, it is often seen that cooking has to be done separately for elderly parents.

In a kitchen all the women of the family exist, so the kitchen is always full of carbon dioxide, the kitchen feels a lot of heat.

Honestly, living in a joint family requires patience. Because everyone lives together here. Not everyone wants something the same.

For this, to meet the needs of someone else in the family, one has to give up one’s own. If everyone wants to live happily in peace, they have to know some compromises.

Even a small decision is made by everyone

Another problem with living in a joint family is that if you decide to do something, you have to do it with everyone’s permission.

Even if you want to make a small decision, you have to do it with the permission of the elders of the family.

As a teenager, if you want to go to a restaurant with friends at night or hang out on a festive occasion, then you have to go with the permission of the adults.

There is also some more disadvantages of living in a joint family

Grandparents live in a joint family. Since they are primitive people, they are accustomed to following old principles.

But the present age will never match their age.

But they always try to get their grandchildren to follow the old-fashioned customs. Such actions create a lack of modernization.

As a result, children have a very strong belief in their culture, which makes it difficult for them to adapt to the modern world.

Living in such a family can be tiring for many. Because there are more members, sometimes misunderstandings arise. And many times it turns into serious quarrels.

There are some advantages to living in a nuclear family

If you want to protect your life from the interference of others and do whatever you want independently, then the nuclear family is the best for you. Because there will be no one in this family to interfere with you.

Moreover, in such a family there is no one but husband and wife and children. In this case, you have to take care of your child yourself, you also have to do all the family work.

Moreover, if you do not like to share your belongings or food with others, then nuclear family is suitable for you.

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In today’s modern world the family is limited to only four members. Now everyone prefers to live separately. Living in a joint family there is definitely a challenging affair.

But if you want your child to be social, learn to adjust to people of all ages, if you never want to leave your child alone, never want to leave your child without a friend, then it is best to live in a joint family.

Because there is no one in the nuclear family except you to see the child. But if you are absent or employed in a joint family, your parents, uncles, aunts, cousins ​​are present to look after your child.

Above all, read this article and make the right decision. We have tried to analyze both the joint family and the nuclear family as much as possible. Now you choose according to your conscience which family you will be in.

If you want my opinion, I would definitely prefer joint family. I hope you have read this article and understood why.

Another reason to mention is that in a joint family, the child is nurtured by all the members, so that he never goes astray.

But there is no one else in the nuclear family to keep an eye on the child except you.

Now the choice is yours. I hope you understand and choose what you choose.

Thank you so much for reading our article. People like you who are suffering from dilemma in which family they will live, please share this article among them, thank you.

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